SevenFriday T1/01 Cocorico replica Watches Review

A number of the best watch brands now have become founders of expressive wrist-based artwork as far as they’re timepieces. A number of my favourite modern timepieces are people who have very particular cultural or personality references. Why is the better of those watches excellent is their capacity to attractively indicate a theme and function as a superior timepiece. Swiss SevenFriday Replica watches is no stranger to expressive watchmaking — possibly, the whole brand is all about just that. And for many others, they get a little more crazy, and entirely refined. The SevenFriday T1/01 Cocorico is only this type of watch. And I believe it came out quite enjoyable.Hands-On: SevenFriday T1/01 Cocorico Watch Hands-On

The subject of this SevenFriday Cocorico would be to unite the brand’s T1 set case using a contemporary, masculine interpretation of this Gallic Cockerel iteration of this chicken. There are a whole lot of animal-themed watches on the market, in addition to animal-themed watches which present a distinct cultural manifestation of the way in which a creature can input pop culture. We haven’t only a chicken-inspired wristwatch, but one which conveys the poultry in its most flattering type as an element of French protagonist character mythos. To put it differently, there are lots of fancy hens on the market and cocks in society, but the French rooster is a exceptional aspect in European civilization and the SevenFriday Cocorico view happens to observe it.

Hands-On: SevenFriday T1/01 Cocorico Watch Hands-On

I wouldn’t be quite as excited about a chicken watch if it weren’t so well designed. SevenFriday M2-2 Replica watches did a very wonderful job with all the dial to make it seem legible but also first. Usage of gradient colours and laser-cut dials to get a successful skeletonization effect actually wind up layering well collectively. It’s correct that the Cocorico rooster on the back of the watch is somewhat easier to view than the one on front (the shades and artistic abstraction make it somewhat tough to see ), however the general dial is performed so well it’s not difficult to forgive this little quirk.

Hands-On: SevenFriday T1/01 Cocorico Watch Hands-On

Z Factory Released Revolutionary MB & F Sherman Happy Robot Clock Review

Now, I want to reveal something different and special, it is not a watch, it’s a robot. The real Bell & Ross Sherman Happy Robot Limited Edition Clock was released at SIHH 2016, this one shown this is an imitation from Z mill, the entire robot clock looks like a motion, actually it is a custom made L’Epee tourbillon movement that is 17 jeweled. Once being wound from the primary, the clock will have 8-day power reserve. The size of the robot clock is 143mm in height, so it’s 109mm diameter and 80mm thick. There’ll be a big wooden box to load the Happy Robot. The weight of the clock is 1kg.

Noob yellow gold Daytona looks good review

Golden watches are appealing to many people, especially the gold Rolex, in most people’s collection, there should be one golden Rolex, even several piece. Really I seldom introduced gold Rolex watches to my clients, since they are replicas, they’re not made with good gold, there’s but one thin layer of gold coating on the surface, therefore, I believe the gold coating may be scratched easily during daily sporting. Really I am incorrect, if you enjoy something, just buy it, do not care too much, if you did not receive the watch you watch, that will be a sorrow. So today, I want to present a fantastic quality golden Daytona for you men, the watch looks very good, it’s one of the very classic golden Rolex watches I’ve ever seen in these years.

Daytona from Noob is good, it is among the highest quality replica watches within our marketplace, many people bought Noob Daytona rather than repent. This yellow gold Daytona is also from Noob, I don’t like gold watches before, especially these gold Rolex, but a few golden Daytona watches are acceptable, particularly this particular one, it doesn’t overly polished or high-key like golden Datejust or even Day-Date, possibly besides its gold tone, your attention will also be captured by its own three subdials and chronograph function.

Don’t be frightened, even after several decades, the gold coat has faded and your watch looks awful, you are still able to send it back to me for gold re-plating.

The dial color appears perfect, it’s also the main reason I choose this gold Daytona to critique. The reddish color usage hights that the whole dial, on account of the reddish color, the entire watch does not look that boring. A small seconds hand in black is operating on the subdial at 6 o’clock, additional two small dials are for minute and hour chronograph screen, the glowing red huge hand will begin to move if you push the 2:00 button.

Like other Daytona watches from Noob mill, this golden model also uses their SA4130 movement. It is the very best and most amazing clone 4130 motion on the market, it is also the most dependable and stable clone 4130 used in Daytona replica watches. In the following, I share a few photos of the movement, by the way, Noob Daytona has one shortcoming, that’s the high price.

Replica Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Ultra-Thin Rose Gold Watch with Miyota 9015 Movement For Sale

Most world-famous watch manufacturers constantly wish to reveal its strong capability through tourbillon, it can highlight the construction of brand perfectly. I think all of watch fans has realized that tourbillon was really expensive since it played a significant part in keeping precise moment. Therefore, You may have the ideal that possessing such magic tourbillon wrist watch with aggressive cost. I think it was a fantastic choice to owning a wrist watch with skillful craftsmanship but only cost less cash. This replica using deep taste of retro and classic watches style as a whole, which was very popular so far. First of all, its size was 48mm, if without containing the size of two lugs, its size was 42mm. It with extended dial but its form wasn’t regular. Possessing the tonneau appearance, may earn a deep expression.
classic watches
Once we observed its dial, it was so fragile. In order to be simple and clear in vision,it’s cancel hand. Its case was made of 316l stainless steel, which has been firm as a good protection to do away with experiencing harm. I was so appreciated the look of its own scale. Along with another scales utilized the line-shape, fitting with the diamond-shaped hands, already created the feeling of noble. Besides, it collocated with white dialup, which has been so distinct connected with these two colour, and it was a excellent inflation between simple and complicated. Thus, it created new energy in visual effect. So as to have a fantastic touch sense, this replica used exceptional America alligator strap, regardless of its obverse or the reverse, all have been made of real alligator strap. If you’re wearing this replica tourbillon see, you make feel so comfy, and also revealing the sensation of noble as a whole.
magic tourbillon wrist watch
Throughout its translucent crystal,which has been made from scratch-proof sapphire crystal, we can appreciate its motion clearly. We might feel amazing because of its exceptional craftsmanship. It used Asia Sea-gull automatic tourbillon movement, which has polished so smooth, it may insure you have exact travel time. Additionally, it can be water-resistant, and satisfy most activities in your everyday life. Anyhow, this replica contained the crucial capacity and with same look, its cost also rather acceptable in comparison with the original. I think it was necessary to think about such tourbillon watches.

Replica A.Lange & Sohne 1815 Ultra-Thin Rose Gold Watch Review Discount

Based on this hobby, I am willing to present one replica SEA-GULL see with high-end quality. It is a replica in the collection of 1815. There are various replicas in the marketplace concerning the brand, but the majority of them are non-toxic product. It’s rare to see replica using 1:1 copy in the genuine. The replica A.Lange & Sohne 1815 can do that so fine, whatever the movement, or the entire look, you almost can not find any difference between this copy and the original one. It’s rather worthy to have one. And it with a case that’s constructed of stainless steel, we may be attractive by such vivid and fresh metallic luster. We know that even Iphone has added rose gold as one of the main colour, so this colour is popular in the market, particularly for digital products. This replica utilizes PVD rose gold, and uses stainless steel to decorate its surface, it’s almost with the taste of unique elegance rather than out of style. What is more, it’s so comfy with a nice leather, and you also can upgrade as Crocodile Leather according to a favor. This replica is really good making. As soon as we see the clasp carefully, we can realize that the pin is ordered arrangement.Anyway, this replica is really nice with this enchanting appearance.
Second, This reproduction clones SEA-GULL mechanical motion, it can rectify according to this observatory standard. In case you have paid attention to mechanical watch, I believe that you may not feel strange of the standard. Even a great deal of world-famous watch can’t arrive this goal easily. But fortunately, this replica really realize it in the long run. In addition, it’s the role that may be water immunity, it may be quite convenient for your everyday life.

No matter you’re company men’s watches or like leisure sport, I believe you maybe attracted by this replicate quickly. With classic retro style and with strong motion, I think you will find not any of reasons that can cause you to wait to choose it.

SV Factory Replica A.Lange & Sohne Saxonia Ultra Thin with Clone 2892 Movement Affordable

Now the weather becomes very sexy, are you guys going in your summer holiday today? Before that, you can select one or two watches, they’ll bring you more fun in your trip. Popular watches can also help you catch a great deal of attention in the street. During your summer vacation, a diver’s watch is essential, because you want to go to a beach and swim with your friends. Besides a diver’s view, occasionally a dress watch is also a fantastic choice in this trip, after tired of playing on the shore in an entire day, you have to unwind and have a dinner with your loved ones, thus a great dress watch which looks tasteful will be very significant at this moment. Now, I want to introduce an extremely elegant watch, it has an ultra thin instance, the watch is A.Lange & Sohne Saxonia.
I never feel so excited to introduce a replica A.Lange & Sohne view here, you know, original A.Lange & Sohne is quite expensive and there are just a few factories in our marketplace manufacturing the replicas of it, sometimes it is hard for them to earn a good copy A.Lange & Sohne. This time, the replica is created by SV factory, the view has two large advantages, simple prognosis and ultra-thin case design. I like such easy replica watch of A.Lange & Sohne, since too complicated A.Lange & Sohne is hard to be replicated by the factory, and the watch will be readily spoted as a replica should you wear it on hand.

A.Lange & Sohne

The case is really thin, the 39mm case is only 9mm thick, smoothly polished bezel forms a high comparison using the brushed finish of both case sides. Lugs have a pure curvature so that they can fit your wrist perfectly. Dial is in matt black, it features silver hour markers and hands that look so elegant. The watch just has hour and minute hands, there is not any date function, it is quite suitable for people who pursue the minimalism.
Through the transparent crystal back, the motion in front of your own eyes is an Asia clone 2892 automatic. The motion has amazing Geneva Stripes on plates, golden rotor is decorated with”A.LANGE & SOHNE” engravings. By the way, the replica is fitted with genuine calf skin leather that’s directly imported from Italy, the leather has a superior softness feel, it’s comfortable to wear and has a durable feel. The view also offers white dial variation.

Replica Bell Ross BR03-94-GR-ST/SCA Horolum Chronograph with Free Nylon Strap Guider

I haven’t introduced Bell Ross watches for a long time, on my website, I only give reviews of these watches with a great number of earnings, and these watches cover brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Panerai, etc.. Bell Ross isn’t one of these best-selling brands. However, some models from Bell Ross occasionally will raise my focus, this square-foot watch comes with a rich military source that just attracted me. TodayI will introduce a particular Bell Ross replica watch, I do not know which factory creates this view, as I understand, no specific factories are willing to replicate Bell Ross watches with a major quantity of amount, but this really is a replica Bell Ross which should grab your attention. The precise model number is BR03-94-GR-ST/SCA, it’s a gray model because you see its grey case and grey dial.

The case is 42mm*42mm, it is only 14mm in depth. The entire situation is brushed, if you assess the case from sides and front, it’s brushed. The case back is also sandblasted, with full engravings. Examine the words”AVIATION TYPE / MILITARY SPEC.” , means the watch meets strict criteria of army watches. The entire case is specially treated, so its gray is quite close to the gray color of the dial.
It looks like the dial utilizes a sandwiched structure, the upper grey disk has a micro-sandblasted finish, all hour mark are skeleton, for instance, large Arabic numbers”12″ and”6″. The plate at bottom is fully implemented with cyan luminescence, so are the hands. On the large grey dial, the two small dials at 3 and 9 also look very large, small seconds subdial with black”60″ is positioned at 3 o’clock, the 30-minute chronograph watches counter is positioned at 9 o’clock. All hands on the dial have been employed with cyan luminescence, the whole dial will have a strong green lume light in dark conditions.

Black leather strap is fitted to the watch, there’s big Bell Ross Logo printed on the leather ring. Because of the square feature of Bell Ross, the leather strap appears considerably wider than any other manufacturers. By the way, the mill also offers one pair of black nylon straps for the replica watch, free toolkit is also supplied.


I have not posted posts here for quite a while, it’s the end of the calendar year, a lot of things have to be dealt with prior to the forthcoming 2017, replica watches factories now are collecting information from sellers like me, so that they might provide more good excellent watches in 2017, you guys could share your opinions on replica watches by rapping on my blog, tell me which places should be improved to a particular replica watch you enjoy, or which see you want the factory to replicate from 2017, so I will tell the factories what you consider, because I ordered watches from them directly, they will take my advice.

Now, I want to present another Zenith watch here, I have reviewed two popular Zenith watches they are Ton-up and Pilot Type 20 Extra Specific, this one which will be reviewed now is not out of ZF or V6, it is manufactured by a little mill but includes a good quality. Notably the blue dial, it appears quite magical.
Big size is the frequent feature of the Zenith watches printed in the past several years. Round case includes a significant crown, which can be pumpkin-shaped, the significant crown is so convenient for the wearer to correct date and time by rotating. The case mainly uses screws to correct four lugs. Complete situation is brushed except that the polished bezel border. Case back is secured by six screws, there is an exceptional aeroplane pattern that’s exclusive to Zenith, really each Zenith Pilot view comes with another engraving pattern on back.
Large dial utilizes four colors. The silver hands with a red spear suggestion isn’t second hand, it is actually that the GMT hand, although the next hand is running on the subdial at 9 o’clock. The dial, I believe, is filled with some Chinese elements, like three palms on the centre, they are more like a Chinese weapon in old days — the spear. The emblem of Zenith Pilot watch, a five-pointed star, is also very special. Hour markers are increased by the dial and in white color, these digital markers will emit super green light in the dark.
The leather strap denotes the band layout of some Panerai watches, especially the buckle, such as the Pre-V buckle on some PAM versions. Brown leather strap with white hands stitching is quite soft, it utilizes real calf leather to make, which delivers a great wearing comfort.
Finally, the replica watch has a 23 jeweled automatic movement, it’s also sold at a much more affordable price than Zenith Sort 20 Extra Special replica watch, now contact us to get its own price.

Top Ten Ladies Watches Recommended

On my blog, there are few reviews on ladies watches, some readers usually wrote me emails on where to get a high quality replica watch for woman, on my previous posts, I introduced top selling replica watches of Panerai, Rolex and other brands, but these watches seem too big for women, so, today, I opened a dedicated post to introduce the top ten best-selling ladies watches in our market, hope this guide can help you an ideal timepiece for your wife or girlfriend.

Usually, women like diamond jewelries more than a timepiece, however, Cartier, which is the king in the jewelry world, is more attractive to them, so, let’s start with a Cartier timepiece.

1.V6 Factory 33mm Ballon Bleu SS Quartz

Like Rolex Datejust, Cartier Ballon Bleu has many models that differ in sizes and dial, the best replicas of these Ballon Bleu must be made by V6 factory, I do not recommend you buy from other factories. V6 also has the most complete collections of Ballon Bleu, you can always find the one needed. If you are finding a ladies watch, Cartier Ballon Bleu must be the first one you should consider, here I recommend a 33mm Ballon Bleu with quartz movement. There are many other sizes of 28mm, 36mm and 42mm, why do I recommend a 33mm Cartier? In current watch trend, 28mm is too small, while 36mm or 42mm may be too big for a women’s wrist. 33mm will be a suitable diameter for most women. But why should be a quartz movement? Because I think a quartz watch is more convenient for women, they do not need to remember to wind an automatic watch on their wrist before going to bed. By the way, a quartz Ballon Bleu will be much cheaper than an automatic one.

Certainly, you can buy your girlfriend an automatic Ballon Bleu, V6 factory also offers buyers Ballon Bleu with genuine Swiss ETA 2671 movement, that’s their highest quality Ballon Bleu in the market, other factories do not have this option. However, a Ballon Bleu with genuine Swiss ETA movement will cost you a lot of money. By the way, whether the Ballon Bleu in 28mm, 33mm, 36mm or 42mm, it will have stainless steel and two tone color options. For Ballon Bleu, there are a lot of things worth talking, and it should be your first choice when considering to buy a lady watch.

V6F Cartier Ballon Bleu 33mm

2. JF Royal Oak 33mm Quartz

J12 factory, we usually call it JF, which makes the best quality Audemars Piguet replica watches in our market, not only they make big and strong mens watches, but also some quartz watches for women. Here the Royal Oak I am going to recommend is from JF, the watch has a diameter of 33mm and only 7.5mm thick, so in this size, it is very suitable for women to wear, besides, the Swiss quartz movement inside the case makes the watch work accurately and also save you the trouble of winding. Now, it seems like AP Royal Oak is not exclusively made for men.

JF Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 33mm Quartz

3. XF Santos 28mm Swiss Quartz

From XF factory, also named V6. This Cartier Santos I recommend is also equipped with a Swiss Ronda quartz movement. The watch is in two tone style, it has a brushed stainless steel case, while the bezel is in rose gold tone and polished. Silver dial with black Rome hour markers, central hours and minutes hands are in blued steel, which add elegance to the whole watch. This Santos watch is only 38mm from lug to lug, and 27.7mm in diameter, more importantly, it is 7mm in thickness. The watch not only looks elgant, but also has a bit of luxuriousness.

V6F Cartier Santos Two Tone

4. VSF Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m 34mm

Sometimes women also need one diving-style watch, this Omega Seamaster is exactly the one. The replica is made by VS factory, it is the latest creation of Aqua Terra 150m, the watch has a case diameter of 34mm, and only 12mm in thickness, which has already been very think for an automatic watch. The blue dial is beautiful, it has wavy patterns, all hour markers and central hands are coated with luminous material, in the dark condition, they will have a beautiful blue light. The watch is equipped with an Asia clone 8800 that is based on A2824-2, this Omega is absolutely a top grade watch for women, highly recommended. By the way, other dial colors are also available, please check photos below.

VSF Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Blue

5. WF Datejust 28mm MOP Dial

Originally I did not want to talk Rolex in this post, every Rolex except big Sea-Dweller can fit women very well because of their high popularity. For some occasions, a Rolex Datejust like this one(photos shown below) can show women’s temperament properly. This Datejust is from W factory, only 28mm in case diameter. The watch is in full stainless steel, it has a MOP dial, which I think is the main place that will attract a woman deeply. The movement inside is an Asia clone 2671, very stable and accurate. When talking ladies watches in Rolex, there are too many models for women, in Datejust collection, whether in 28mm, 31mm, 36mm or even 41mm, there are many models in different styles, if you are seeking for a quality lady watch from Rolex Datejust, please send me the photo, I will find the best replica in our market.

WF Rolex Datejust 28mm MOP

6. 3S-Factory Constellation SS 27mm Quartz

It is the latest Constellation watch from SSS factory, we call it 3S factory. The watch is fully in stainless steel and uses an original Swiss quartz movement, it works very accurate. The watch has a case diameter of 27mm, even smaller than the 28mm Ballon Bleu, so I think it will fit the wrist of every woman. Besides, the watch has a white mother-of-pearl dial, it must be the favorite style of many women. For 27mm Constellation, 3S-Factory also offers two tone and diamond models, if you need any one of them, please contact me, I will send you more photos.

3S-Factory Omega Constellation Quartz

7. ARF YachtMaster 268622 37mm Grey

Many Rolex models are neutral, they are good to wear both for men and women. Like Datejust, many women like their big models in 41mm, Daytona is also not only for men, a lot of young ladies love it. While among these neutral models which Rolex has published in recent years, the most feminine one is this YachtMaster in 37mm, many ladies love this size, especially those who love big watches. The watch is made by AR factory, with 904L stainless steel case and bracelet, the watch has the best quality finish, it is equipped with an A2824 automatic movement, which is very stable. Blue seconds hand is every eye-catching on the grey dial, it highlights the whole watch. A Rolex highly recommended for ladies.

ARF YachtMaster II 37mm

8. MKS Factory De Ville Two Tone 32.7mm

This is the third Omega watch I recommend in this top ten list. Like Cartier, Omega also has a lot of beautiful models for ladies. The eighth Omega watch I want to introduce is a De Ville, made by MKS, which is a factory has been in replica watch industry for years. This is a replica with Miyota 9015, which is a movement with very low repairing rate. A two tone rose gold style also makes this elegant watch looks a bit luxury. The smooth bezel is in rose gold, which exactly echoes with the golden color on the bracelet. It is a very practical women’s watch for daily wearing.

MKS Constellation Two Tone

9. GF Panthere 28mm Quartz

One of the most popular square watches for women, together with Santos, I think both are good choices for ladies. GF makes this replica, so the quality will be 1:1 original. The watch is in full stainless steel and has a 28mm case diameter, it is driven by a Swiss quartz movement. GF also has two tone and golden models for this Panthere, please check photos below.

GF Cartier Panthere SS

10. 8848F Tank Francaise Quartz

There are a large collection of Cartier Tank models in our market, from different watch manufacturers. Most of these Cartier Tank watches are equipped with quartz movement, with leather band. However, in the last position of this top ten list, I will introduce a Cartier Tank with steel bracelet, the watch looks more elegant than other Tank models because it has a very natural arc-shaped case, which is perfectly fitted with the stainless steel bracelet. This Tank Francaise is made by 8848F, which is a factory that has made a lot of good quality quartz watches. The watch is in size of 20.3mm*25.35mm, it uses an original Swiss quartz movement, 8848F claimd that all watch parts in this Cartier Tank Francaise could be interchanged with genuine.

8848F Cartier French Tank

Noob just published the best Submariner No Date 114060

Noob Replica Rolex Submariner No Date

After introducing so many replica watches and talking a lot about those factories, you guys must have known that where to get the best Submariner. Yes, the two factories that make the best Submariner replica are Noob and AR, maybe some people will say that Noob’s is the best, but in my previous posts, I said the Submariner from AR factory has some details made better than Noob’s, so sometimes it is hard to compare them. Well, if you need a Submariner with No Date? That’s much easier to choose, because in last week Noob just published their replica Submariner No Date 114060 that is made with 904L stainless steel, it is currently the best version.

Replica Rolex 114060 Ceramic
Replica Rolex Submariner 114060

Before, only ZZ and GM factory made Submariner 114060 replica with 904L stainless steel, GM factory installed an A2824 automatic movement inside the watch, while ZZ factory has A3130 and A2836 movement options. Actually I suggested people buy 114060 from GM factory before, because ZZ is a new factory that just entered the replica watch field, we do not know too much about them, and also about their watches, but people who bought from GM factory also had good feedbacks on their products. However, after Noob published their 114060 this time, you guys will not be confused again, the best version of Submariner No Date 114060 is from Noob.

Rolex Submariner 114060 Case
Rolex Submariner 114060 Crown

About Submariner, compared with no date 114060, the 116610LN is more welcomed, its date function is more practical to many people. While if you put the 116610LN and 114060 together, maybe I will choose the latter. 114060 lacks the date window on the dial and the cyclops on the crystal, but it makes the watch look more simple and clean, without the date opening, the dial looks complete.

Rolex Submariner 114060 Black Dial

It is not V10, some websites said this is the V10 edition of 114060, this is not true. It is the first time for Noob to use 904L stainless steel material on this Submariner No Date 114060, but they just improved previous edition according to the details of V10 116610LN. Noob has not updated their 114060 since they released the V8 edition, so I think it is more accurate to say this is V9 114060.

Rolex Submariner 114060 Case Back

On the case and bracelet, Noob uses 904L stainless steel, the bezel is improved with deep engravings that have Platinum coating, although the bezel markers have real platinum coating that indeed has the same color tone as genuine, but the bezel is still slightly different from genuine. First, the construction, it is said that the bezel on AR Submariner is closer to genuine, but both Noob and AR did not show the bezel construction of their Submariner. Second, the bezel markers, although they have platinum coating and Noob claimed that it will not easily fade, but I do not think so. However, when being compared with the Submariner 114060 from ZZ factory, Noob is still a winner.

Rolex Submariner 114060 Bracelet
Rolex Submariner 114060 Clasp

A replica Rolex can not be made to be the same as genuine, whatever it comes from AR or Noob or other factories. Currently if you are looking for the best replica Rolex, the best option I recommend is Noob Daytona, ultil now, I still have not received any complaint about the Daytona watches from Noob.