Panerai PAM 773 Wrist Shot

V6 Factory Top Replica Panerai Luminor Base Logo PAM 773 – A Tribute to Classic

Replica Panerai Luminor Base Logo PAM 773

Luminor Base Logo is a classic series of Panerai, it inherits Panerai’s tradition and military DNA. Panerai has published several Luminor Base watches that are very popular among watch fans, they include PAM 111, PAM 005, etc. At 2018 SIHH, Panerai unveiled another two Luminor Base watches, which are PAM 773 and PAM 774, they perfectly inherited three features of Luminor Base – strong, simple and iconic. After new Panerai watches were published at 2018 SIHH, soon there are manufacturers started to replicate them, V6 is the most famous one among those factories that make good Panerai replicas. Today, the watch I am going to give a review is PAM 773, which is exactly replicated by V6 and has the highest quality finish as usual.

PAM 773 Dial

Case is made of 316L stainless steel, it is brushed. Round bezel is smoothly polished. The case is measured to be 44mm in diameter, with Panerai iconic crown bridge that is positioned on the right side. Polygonal case back is brushed and has a lot of engravings, on the center of the case back, there is an engraved OP Logo in matt finish. Like genuine watch, you can read enough information about PAM 773 from case back engravings. Case back is screwed down tightly, after opening the back with a bubble ball, you can see black rubber ring in the groove, this can help the watch prevent water. Anyway, on every Panerai replica watch, V6 tried their best to restore the waterproof system of genuine Panerai.

Panerai PAM 773 Case

Dial is black. It is not only simple but also has a high readability, because the black dial has white letterings and green luminous markers and hands. I was usually asked by my clients who want to buy the best replica Panerai that looks very close to original. I have a basic guideline for them, usually the more simple the original watch is, the easier for a manufacturer to clone, so that replica they produced out will be mostly closer to genuine watch. On the dial of PAM 773, you can read that the watch only has hours and minutes, such type of Panerai watches like PAM 773 is really easy to be cloned to be in high quality.

PAM 773 Panerai Watch

Geuine PAM 773 is equipped with Panerai in-house P.6000, while the replica uses an Asian ETA 6498 manual winding movement. This movement is almost used in all hand-wound replica watches, it has a high accuracy and stability. But one thing you should bear in mind, do not wind the movement too full at one time, or the spring will break.

Panerai Luminor Base Logo Dial

The replica is fitted with a black leather band that is made of genuine calfskin leather. The strap has a high quality texture and feels very soft, it has white hand stitching and a polished Pre-V buckle on. If you buy this watch with an original box, we can send you one black rubber strap for free.

Panerai PAM 773 Crown Bridge

PAM 773 Case Back

PAM 773 Buckle

PAM 773 Dial Lume

PAM 773 Wrist Shot

Panerai PAM 773 Wrist Shot


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