Replica Bell Ross BR03-94-GR-ST/SCA Horolum Chronograph with Free Nylon Strap Guider

I haven’t introduced Bell Ross watches for a long time, on my website, I only give reviews of these watches with a great number of earnings, and these watches cover brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Panerai, etc.. Bell Ross isn’t one of these best-selling brands. However, some models from Bell Ross occasionally will raise my focus, this square-foot watch comes with a rich military source that just attracted me. TodayI will introduce a particular Bell Ross replica watch, I do not know which factory creates this view, as I understand, no specific factories are willing to replicate Bell Ross watches with a major quantity of amount, but this really is a replica Bell Ross which should grab your attention. The precise model number is BR03-94-GR-ST/SCA, it’s a gray model because you see its grey case and grey dial.

The case is 42mm*42mm, it is only 14mm in depth. The entire situation is brushed, if you assess the case from sides and front, it’s brushed. The case back is also sandblasted, with full engravings. Examine the words”AVIATION TYPE / MILITARY SPEC.” , means the watch meets strict criteria of army watches. The entire case is specially treated, so its gray is quite close to the gray color of the dial.
It looks like the dial utilizes a sandwiched structure, the upper grey disk has a micro-sandblasted finish, all hour mark are skeleton, for instance, large Arabic numbers”12″ and”6″. The plate at bottom is fully implemented with cyan luminescence, so are the hands. On the large grey dial, the two small dials at 3 and 9 also look very large, small seconds subdial with black”60″ is positioned at 3 o’clock, the 30-minute chronograph watches counter is positioned at 9 o’clock. All hands on the dial have been employed with cyan luminescence, the whole dial will have a strong green lume light in dark conditions.

Black leather strap is fitted to the watch, there’s big Bell Ross Logo printed on the leather ring. Because of the square feature of Bell Ross, the leather strap appears considerably wider than any other manufacturers. By the way, the mill also offers one pair of black nylon straps for the replica watch, free toolkit is also supplied.

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